Childsplay || Part 3

I was only in my briefs when I finally woke up. It felt like I hadn’t moved for days; my body was stiff, and I could taste the day-old breath. Just get up and leave. Don’t think about it. It doesn’t matter anymore as long as you hurt her. I got dressed and got ready to leave. Wait. My bag. They took all my stuff: my food, my clothes, and my money. I was alone in the blood red room, with nothing but myself and my phone to carry me through the next few days.

By the time I was out, the night was young, and the moon hung proudly in the starless night. Continue reading

Childsplay || Part 2

The sun was already beginning to rise, and I was far gone from our apartment unit. Now, instead of the familiar aura of a busy city, I was surrounded by the stench of hidden streets and dark corners. But I didn’t care.

I walked on, deeper into the alley until I found a kid. At first, I didn’t even notice him. He was so dirty, he was practically hidden in the shadows. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. Alone, hurt, and covered from head to toe in filth. Except his filth came from dirt and mine from lies.  Continue reading

Allegorical Story || 3


An unrecognizable voice of a terrified little girl echoed through the penthouse unit. I sensed something off as soon as my feet hit the floor of our house. The kitchen lights were dim and the area quiet and lifeless. Usually, It was filled with the sounds of cooking as my mom got dinner ready for me, but today, as I walked through the lengthy hallway past our kitchen, there was absolutely no noise. The hallway I was so familiar with seemed completely distant without the usual clang and clatter of my mother’s cooking to accompany it. Shadows of all kinds of shapes loomed over my body and twisted around as I looked away.

Then, I saw her. Continue reading

Allegorical Story || 2

Ringgggg! Ringggg!

Instinctively, my fingers shot to the shrieking alarm as my chest rattled with pained breaths. Sweat streaked down my face as I recalled the dream. Scrambling loose from the damp blankets, I desperately clutched my burning metal locket and moaned, as I reluctantly got out of  bed. Squinting at the harsh sun hitting my tired eyes,  the humid heat of the mid-summer morning set in with the familiar shock of goosebumps as the strikingly contrasted cold, marble ground of the ancient hallway hit my feet. Continue reading

Allegorical Story || 1

My dad had once whispered to me in such a hushed tone, I strained to hear what he said, “My little Tessa.” His familiar bright, sea-green eyes fixed into a scary stormy gaze as he bent down and smiled with an apologetic glint in his eyes. The street light above us gave his eyes an almost wild feline yellow-tinted gleam.

“Wh-what’s wrong daddy?” Continue reading