Love, Sister.


I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.

Hair clippers hurting my nose, shoes breaking my feet

You looked at me and called me crazy

Silver snakes in my lungs

The buzz of chasing the Dragon still colors my sight

You looked at me and cried





Minky’s it was.

Me, as Alice in a wonderland existing under the world–a secret it was between me and Mom

A world full of candy and chips; cartoons and laughter

But also a world of rats as big as dogs and sneezes full of dust



The Sea and the Old Man

I heave and churn, writhe and squirm

Your lonesome dove a lighthouse in the distance

Tendrils of darkened stars lap languidly along your rusted bars

Bars of sand, bars of enduring existence

I am again amused by your fort’s lasting persistence

                                                     You, Sea, are vicious Continue reading

“Things I Wish I’d Said”

I wish that I had said “no” to my friend when she asked me if I was okay.

I wish that I had confidently shared my opinions about an art piece I really related to on a personal level.

I wish that I had said “thank you” to my loving grandma who stayed up all night to sew my ripped uniform skirt.

I wish that I had told my orthodontist that I wanted to change my mind on my rubber band color even if I had chosen already. Because I was too scared to speak up, I ended up having to show off a shining rainbow in my mouth for a whole month. Continue reading