Minky’s it was.

Me, as Alice in a wonderland existing under the world–a secret it was between me and Mom

A world full of candy and chips; cartoons and laughter

But also a world of rats as big as dogs and sneezes full of dust



Freshmen (Audrey and Jehane)

I have eighteen classmates, and I would just like to write about them. Just because. Maybe it’ll be like a little series.

We’re not exactly a big class compared to what’s in stock in the average high school, but we’re the biggest class in the entire school. Our school has a total of about 200 kids, and we range from kindergarten all the way up to the 12th grade. All in all, we’re not a very big school at all. I’ve known some of my classmates since 1st grade–far too long–and we know each other like the back of our hands. Well, I’ll start the describing in no particular order. Continue reading

The Man with the Pink Cheeks

When I was a child, I had a best friend named Audrey. My mom would take Audrey, me, and my little sister, Janice, to Koreatown Plaza almost every day of the week after school to eat Pho in the food court.

Since we happened to eat there so often, the owner of the little shop was very fond of us. The owner was a short middle-aged man with pink cheeks and a smile that seemed to take up over half the space on his face. He would buy us hard candy with plastic sticks longer than our forearms, and his face would open up to the brightest smile whenever we would walk into his vision. Sometimes, he even brought balloons for us.

However, having been the immature kids we were, we would treat him as if he were diseased. We thought that it was funny to avoid him and laugh at him; treating him as if he were some kind of pedophile, for he would ooze affection whenever children would stop by his shop. Now that I look back on this, I don’t know why we did this, but at that time, I never stopped to question our actions. 

One day, I walked into the food court with Audrey and my sister as usual, but he was not there.

We made my mom ask the cashier lady where he went, and she said that he was taking a break. She said this with a very sad expression on her face. There were blue balloons floating inside the kitchen.

A few days later, he came back, but he was not nearly as happy as he once was. Wrinkles seemed to map his face, and his eyes were vacant. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I heard that something happened to his son, and that’s why he loved kids so much. Continue reading

The Sea and the Old Man

I heave and churn, writhe and squirm

Your lonesome dove a lighthouse in the distance

Tendrils of darkened stars lap languidly along your rusted bars

Bars of sand, bars of enduring existence

I am again amused by your fort’s lasting persistence

                                                     You, Sea, are vicious Continue reading

Childsplay || Part 3

I was only in my briefs when I finally woke up. It felt like I hadn’t moved for days; my body was stiff, and I could taste the day-old breath. Just get up and leave. Don’t think about it. It doesn’t matter anymore as long as you hurt her. I got dressed and got ready to leave. Wait. My bag. They took all my stuff: my food, my clothes, and my money. I was alone in the blood red room, with nothing but myself and my phone to carry me through the next few days.

By the time I was out, the night was young, and the moon hung proudly in the starless night. Continue reading

Childsplay || Part 2

The sun was already beginning to rise, and I was far gone from our apartment unit. Now, instead of the familiar aura of a busy city, I was surrounded by the stench of hidden streets and dark corners. But I didn’t care.

I walked on, deeper into the alley until I found a kid. At first, I didn’t even notice him. He was so dirty, he was practically hidden in the shadows. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. Alone, hurt, and covered from head to toe in filth. Except his filth came from dirt and mine from lies.  Continue reading