Childsplay || Part 2

The sun was already beginning to rise, and I was far gone from our apartment unit. Now, instead of the familiar aura of a busy city, I was surrounded by the stench of hidden streets and dark corners. But I didn’t care.

I walked on, deeper into the alley until I found a kid. At first, I didn’t even notice him. He was so dirty, he was practically hidden in the shadows. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. Alone, hurt, and covered from head to toe in filth. Except his filth came from dirt and mine from lies. 

“Hey kid, what’s your name?” I tried. My voice sounded defeated even to my ears. He looked up, but I could barely make out his features beneath all the hair and grime. However, where I could see, fear was etched in the pale blue of his wavering eyes. I looked closer, and I saw that his feet were as black as coal. Lines of muddy scarlet shot through the darkness, breaking the thick dirt into what seemed like puzzle pieces. I looked away as soon as I realized I was staring, but the kid saw me looking.

I started, “It’s not what it–”

“It’s Trap–my name.” His voice was high and youthful, chirpy even. Although his looks betrayed his age, his voice revealed his adolescence. He can’t be more than 8 years old.

Click. Suddenly, he looked up and ran deeper into the alleyway where there was a faint shadow of a woman. Scrambling for my bag, I ran towards him. I had nothing else to do at this point anyways but wait.

“Trap?” I swear that boy’s faster than a cat at night. “Trap?”

“Aren’t you a good-looking one,” a voice dragged. I stopped. Tingles flew down my spine as I rapidly looked around. For the first time since I left, I was scared. Silence seemed to drench the room in tension, and the only thing I could hear was my heavy breathing and my heart thumping. This is what you wanted, I reminded myself. You wanted to show her that you’re also a person capable of thought and pain. Determined, I attempted to stand taller, to appear more confident. I cocked my head, pasting a nasty smirk on my face.

A soft, girly laughter. Now, my fear was bigger than the front I was putting up. As I reached for the kitchen knife in my bag, a tall figure bloomed from the black hole in the wall. Her lips were painted in a dark red, and her eyelids in an oily black. Her blood-red dress hung loosely around her thin shoulders and seemed to float around her bare feet as she walked towards me. Worst of all, she had a crazed smile on her face, an expression of such impossible joy, that it was capable of producing terror.

“Come here, boy,” she whispered. She disappeared into the black hole she came from, along with Trap. I was out in the dark alleyway all alone again, and I was afraid to move on; afraid to see what else would be out there. So, I peered into the hole without getting too close.

“BOO!” the girl burst. The hole was so dark, she seemed to materialize out of the night.

“AHHH!” I stumbled back, tripping on my own feet. I sat there, holding in more cries, as the girl crawled back in, still facing me. Go in. Go in and find proof that you’re having fun. I scrambled in as quickly as possible. However, as I went in, I realized that the room within the hole was not really a room. It was actually far too big for a room. It was more of a–

“Hey boy, come here!” The shrill voice of the girl echoed down the hallway that was apparent as soon as you entered the place. Laughter. Trap skittered around my feet as I slowly walked towards her voice. It led to a room painted as dark red as the paint on the girl’s lips.

“Oh,” a voice slurred. “He is cute.”

“See? I told you,” the thin voice of the girl giggled.

“What is this place,” I managed.

“Oh here?” the same lazy voice spoke. She sounded amused, as if she knew something I didn’t. “It’s just a playground.” In the red light, I could make out a thick figure and the girl I had seen in the alley. The one that led me here. I looked around, and I realized there were four more figures around me. All girls. Not like I can escape now. Just take it. Then, in a moment’s flash, hands were over me, and I was engulfed by a familiar darkness. I listened to the slap of bare feet on the cold, marble ground as I let myself go.

“Give him thisss oneeee,” an unfamiliar voice dripped. I felt a faint pinch near my wrist and was finally allowed to sleep. Click.


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