Why I Started Blogging

Hi. I’m Gina. Just another teenage girl you see walking down the streets of Los Angeles. I’m not exactly the most exciting thing in town. I roll my eyes at whatever my parents say–undeterred by the fact that I didn’t even hear half of their words. I hate teachers. And I also dread the future ahead of me like any other right-minded teenager would, but I love to write.

My parents want me to be a doctor. Oh yes, of course, the responsibility of fulfilling the lifelong dream of all–literally all–Asian parents (for their children to become successful doctors) was put upon me, the eldest daughter of my family. If anything as small as a peep about me not wanting to be a doctor came out of my mouth, the world-famous guilt tripping line from all Asian households would come roaring out of my mother’s mouth with a voice the god of thunder, Zeus, would be proud of. “You ingrate–I came to America for you, but you say that you won’t make me proud?” Of course, I’m not here to diss my parents–or any other Asian parents for that matter–but it’s true that as much as I love them, I have other interests. I love to read and write.

And so, the much waited conclusion. I started, or at least want to start, blogging because I want to show my appreciation for other works of literature. I also want to get some of my own work out there. Although my grammar may be faulty and my ideas weak, please read with an open heart. Bye:)


One thought on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. Ashley Lee says:

    Hi Gina, I am a fan of your writing and wish to read more of your stories. It is a remarkable thing to see a student expand their interest and knowledge for other works of literature. It is very stereotypical for an Asian to be under such burden, and I can relate. I hope for the best of you and wish that others may see your determination to reach for your dreams.

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